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Enabling Push Notifications, QR Codes & Tell Friend Feature

Last Updated: Jun 17, 2015 02:16PM PDT

We can activate your newly approved app's push notifications, QR codes, and Tell Friend feature all at once through the App Information section. As your app goes live, it's important for us to gather your App Store URL, Apple ID, and Play Store URL, and sync this info up with your app—otherwise, these features won't work properly.

Push Notifications

Android push notifications often fail because the Android Market URL is not filled in properly. Make sure you've sent us the correct Play Store URL if you're hosting your app in your own Google Developer account. If we're hosting it, we will have this information on hand. Let us know if you have issues with push notification delivery (and on what devices) so we can investigate the cause.

QR Codes

Since QR codes are scannable URLs, they need to be linked up to a provided URL in order to function properly. Inputting the market URLs enables this function. After we've confirmed that the correct URL is in place, go to the Promote section of the dashboard and click "Re-build QR Code" to complete the set-up process. At this point, you can scan the codes from your computer and/or download a PDF version to distribute.

Tell Friend

Similar to QR Codes, our Tell Friend tab requires activation, since it pulls the app listing URLs directly from the Info section. Without URLs filled in, users will only see "http://" when they try to share the app with friends. Again, let us know if you're experiencing issues with this feature so we can verify that the correct URLs are in place.

Finding Your App Store URL and App Store ID

1. Log in to your iTunes Connect account.

2. Click My Apps. Find the app among the list and click it.

4. From the App Listing, click the More button on the far right.

5. First, select About This App. In the pop-up window, you'll find your App Store ID. Copy this down.

5. Back in the More menu select View on App Store. The App Store listing will load in your browser.

6. Copy down the full 
App Store URL. (Note:‚Äč Remove the 's' in 'https' after copying your URL.)

Finding Your Android Market URL

1. Visit the Android App Marketplace in your browser.

2. Type your app's name into the Search field at the top.

3. Locate your app in the list and click it. The Play Store listing will load in your browser.

4. Copy down the full 
Android Market URL. (Note: Remove the 's' in 'https' after copying your URL.)

Sending Your URLs
Once you've gathered your URLs, please email them to us so we can add this info to the dashboard. At this point, these features will be ready to go!

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